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AngelHack Athens 2015


A couple of weeks, I was asked by Stavros to join the judges at AngelHack Athens 2015. So, last Sunday, I went to TheCube and watched the teams work on their code, and later, their demos and presentations.

Having spent most of the last 30 months focused in my own venture, dealing with funding, cash flow, product etc., I have to admit that I'd lost part of the initial spark of working on a new idea. Being there, watching and discussing with the teams, brought back that feeling of excitement and empowerment.

I wish I had time to actually participate... To be honest, I'm now seriously considering adding a hackathlon participation every six month or so to my schedule, and I strongly recommend it to other startup founders: I know, it feels like loosing focus and valuable time, but you'll probably have more energy and ideas to give back to your startup after working for a day or two on something new, just for the fun of it.

Thank you Jessica and Maria, and Stavros at The Cube for organising and hosting the event!

[*]photo by Eric Parks.

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