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Facebook instant articles first thoughts

Facebook opened up Instant Articles to everyone a couple of months ago. I just had some time to give it a try. To be honest, I like it.

So, Facebook opened up Instant Articles to everyone in April. If you are not familiar with Instant Articles, it's this feature that allows some of the links shared on Facebook to appear much faster and much nicer when you click on them in the Facebook mobile app. (Visit the link above and you will learn more.)

Now, as you know, I'm nearly paranoid about publishing my content on platforms that I do not own (i.e. my blog). But when it comes to distribution, the more the merrier: I'm already pushing my blog posts to Twitter, Medium and Facebook, and of course my RSS feed.

Instant Articles allows articles posted to look sleek, load fast, with nearly zero distractions when viewed on the Facebook mobile app.

I will be writing more on the implementation details in future posts —automatically publishing my blog posts was not very difficult, but it wasn't a simple procedure either.

But so far, I like it a lot and you should consider using it, if you are publishing content.


(Don't try to make sense of the photos, they are here just to test how they look :-)

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