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Dear Qatar Airways, you know nothing about customer care. #en #rant #qatar airways
How Qatar Airways gave my seat to someone else after I had checked in, turned a 17h itinerary to a 30h one, and acted as if this is a normal thing to happen. 


Facebook instant articles first thoughts #en #facebook #instant articles
Facebook opened up Instant Articles to everyone a couple of months ago. I just had some time to give it a try. To be honest, I like it. 


UX tip: Users need your feedback too. #en
Give your users feedback for their actions. Especially if you are the one who asked them to do something.  


Simple bash script for encrypted chat over keybase fs (kbfs) #en #howto #keybase
First impressions of the keybase.io filesystem, and a small bash script to implement a secure, encrypted chat service over it. 
Not just what you know, but who you are too. #en #privacy #encryption
Privacy and identity are hard to separate. 


How to bypass the Netflix VPN ban #en #netflix #vpn
So, after all, it seems like the recent Netflix VPN ban can be bypassed —at least for now. 
A big Fuck Off by the content industry and Netflix to users worldwide. #en #netflix #piracy
How Netflix and the content industry is blocking users who are paying 60% more than the rest to access content legitimately. 


POSE with IFTTT #en #howto #indieweb
Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere with ifttt.com 
Comparing my Facebook to my Instagram feed #en #facebook #instagram
It seems that the people I follow can express more interesting things using photos than words. 
The annoying state of Internet subscriptions #en #rant #ideas #internet #web #medium.com
I’d like to see something that would make “subscribe” a verb of the Internet, like "go” and “contact”. 
(Re: Audible) DRM is a defect #en #audible #drm
Follow up to a reply I got for recommending Audible in my last Letter. 


How to archive your tweets #en #howto #twitter #archiving
Why not take a backup of all your tweets every now and then? 
How to archive your Gmail #en #howto
Why not make a tradition out of archiving your Gmail at the end of the year? See how easy it is. 
My post is a required reading for Yale's MGT656 #en #diary
I'm proud and I had to share. :-) 
Testing Twitter ads #en #howto #twitter #mailchimp
The results of a small experiment at getting new subscribers to my newsletter using Twitter lead generation ads and MailChimp form integrations. 


Support Matthew Ebel on patreon #en
Matthew Ebel is an American musician, voice actor, and author whose sci-fi performances have made him Guest of Honor at geek conventions nationwide. —matthewebel.com 


Your startup’s blog should be on Medium. #en #blogging #howto #medium.com
Why your startup's blog (at least the first one) should be on Medium. 
A newsletter that turned into something more personal. #en #newsletter #thoughts
Overtime, The Letter has turned from a newsletter to a medium of sharing parts of my life I wouldn't share on my blog any more. 


Τι χρειάζεται να κάνει κάποιος για να πουλήσει υπηρεσίες μέσω Internet από την Ελλάδα; #gr
Ας πούμε ότι έχω μία εταιρεία με βάση την Ελλάδα που παρέχει ψηφιακές υπηρεσίες μέσω Internet σε ιδιώτες από όλο τον κόσμο. Π.χ. ένα blogging platform επί πληρωμή. Τι ακριβώς χρειάζεται να κάνω για να κόβω νόμιμα αποδείξεις στους χρήστες μου;  
How I keep my twitter feed healthy #en #social media #twitter
If you sometimes check your twitter feed and think there's nothing interesting going on, you are probably doing something wrong: Somewhere, something interesting IS going on for sure, you are just not following the right people.  


Using Bitcoin to buy anything #bitcoin #en
The first experience of using my prepaid VISA card from e-coin.io. 


Bitcoin ATM at The Cube Athens #en #bitcoin
Using the Bitcoin ATM at The Cube Athens to buy Bitcoin with cash. 
A geek, capital controls in Greece and bitcoin. #en #bitcoin
How capital controls in Greece affected my on-line presence and why I'm giving bitcoin a serious try. 
Shutting down longaccess #en #longaccess
Longaccess is shutting down. This is not where I planned to be when I started Longaccess, 2.5 years ago. The plan was world domination, yet here I am, having to say goodbye to everything I've worked for in the last 2.5 years. Do I regret it? No! The destination is crappy, but the journey was totally worth it. 
Τι φοβάμαι και τι ελπίζω. #gr
Ελπίζω, αύριο, όποιο κι αν είναι το αποτέλεσμα του δημοψηφίσματος, να έχουμε υπόψη μας ότι ο συγγενής, ο γείτονας, ο συνάδελφος που ψήφισε το αντίθετο από εμάς, το έκανε γιατί θεωρούσε ότι αυτό θα είναι καλύτερο για όλους μας. Και με δεδομένο ότι οι επόμενοι μήνες και τα επόμενα χρόνια θα είναι ακόμη πιο δύσκολα, πολύ πιο δύσκολα, από τα προηγούμενα πέντε, να δείξουμε ο καθένας μας την μεγαλύτερη δυνατή ευαισθησία σε θέματα δημοκρατίας. 
Ψήφισε ΝΑΙ για να πετύχουμε μία καλύτερη συμφωνία. #gr
Το ξέρω ότι ο τίτλος θα φανεί στους περισσότερους παράλογος, αλλά αν έχετε πέντε λεπτά, ακολουθήστε την σκέψη μου.