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Ideas for new g-metrics features

I'm working on the new version of The backend is being rewritten almost from scratch and the user interface will be much more clean and easy to use.

Here are some new features I have in mind to implement:
- "orphan queries". After a couple of months of operation there are queries that have been eitrher entered by mistake or are of no interest any more and they no user has them in his watchlist. There will be a list of the "orphan queries" that (unless someone adds them to his watchlist) they will be deleted after some time.
- top 10 results. The query details page will show the top 10 results returned by google (and will probably include a link directly to the google results page.
- edit profile. Registered users will be able to edit their profile (email, name, opt-in for newsletter).
- rss feeds. There will be a link to the individual rss feed at the query details page.
- new query initialization. when a new query is added to the system, google will be imediately polled (now you may wait up to 24 hours to see the firs results).

Any other ideas? I can't promise anything, but I'll try... :-)

(some of you asked for virtual folders so that a long watchlist can be organized better, but this will have to wait for a later version...)