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g-metrics gets a face-lift and much more...

[27/9/2004 11:51 UTC, Update: you can now see the top-10 results returned by google.]

After many experiments, the new and improved is alive!

UI improvements.
- The user interface has been redesigned from scratch, and I think that is is much more usable than the old one.
- This comes with a new logo.

New features.
- There are separet RSS feeds for each "query".
- If you are a registered user, you can have an agregated RSS feed for all the queries included in your watchlist. When you add or remove queries from your watchlist, the RSS feed is automaticaly updated.
- Much like the agregated feed described above, you can use a link that goes directly to your watchlist.
- A prefiled google search box is displayed with every report, so "going to the results" is one click away.
- Users can change their personal details (username, email)
- when a new query is added to the database, google is imediately polled, so you don't miss todays results.

More to come. During the whole redesign thing I changed the backend a lot. There are some new features comming..
- "normalized results" (percent of the total pages indexed by google). [many thanks to Matthew Hurst for the idea]
- a preview of the top 10 results per query returned by google,
- "tags" much like gmail does that will hepl you organize a long watchlist much better.

I tried a lot to make the "transition" transparent, however there may be some external links that are now broken as the page names have changed.
I also noticed that sometimes, if you had already checked the "remember me" button at the old version, you may have problems logging in to the new. I'm working on it, but you may try to delete the old cookies stored by g-metrics, login and logout once. Then everything should work fine.

As always, I'm eager to hear from you!