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Egosurfing with PHP and Google

From the first time I discovered Google WEB APIs, I thought that this thing is ideal to create an "ego-surfing" script, that is a script that looks up google for, let's say, my name and returns the results.

I have written a small script that does exactly that (and obviously, you can put your name where it says "Panayotis Vryonis"). What you will need to use it, is

You may notice that the actual query is a bit more complex than a simple "Panayotis Vryonis". The reason is I want to exclude results from my own pages, so I ask Google not to return results from g-metrics.com, vrypan.net and blogshares (which returned a number of results that were useles in this context.

A couple more notes taht could be useful:

You may find a working example here :-)

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