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lilina: enriching feeds

lilina 0.6.1-pre1 is out. This version is a big step towards the direction I initialy imagined lilina should go. There are many bug fixes, minor functionality improvments and code clean-up, but what I call "content enrichment".

By "content enrichment" I mean that lilna uses additional sources to enrich the feeds received by sites. One such source is lilina will automaticaly look up each URL at and see if there are any tags associated with it. If so, they will be shown. next to the post title like this

The second source is Google. Using the Google Web APIs, lilina will query Google for the words contained in the post's title and show the top 10 results.
(you have to obtain a key from Google to enable your lilina installation to use this feature).

You can see lilina in action at my linkblog. Visit lilina project homepage.