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Diversity: The key to Linux adoption?

I was wondering what is the best way to prepare an organization to accept Linux in its IT infrastracture. Then it struck me: instead (or at the same time) of evangelizing Linux and Open Source, one could just inject diversity.

How would you do that? It's simple and honest: just choose the best of the kind for each job! Don't lock yourself to a single vendor! By PCs, Macs, Unix workstations, Windows XP Servers, Solaris Servers, etc... Just pick the best operating system, platforma and application for each job.

Then wait. Wait for the time incompatibilities will show up. It will be an upgrade of a client or a server. It may be a new feature, or a new program. This is the time to explain that "if we want the best of each kind we have to use Open Standards" --open standards in data transfer, open standards in services, open standards in document formats. Hopefully, little by little the organization will start using and valuing Open Standards and the cost of vendor lock-in.

When this is done suggest Linux! It will fit in naturally. That's the kind of environment where Linux is most valuable, and easy to operate.

Do you think this is a good idea?