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From "Reference Tracking" to "ContentMix"

Those of you who have been reading this blog are already familiar with what I've called "Content Enrichment" (if not read this).

I was reading Reference Tracking and the Performance of Technorati, Feedster, and Bloglines (by Jeremy Zawodny) when I realized that most people think of these engines as an interesting source to gather stats.

However, there are (or should be) so many better ways to use them! We should be moving to what could be called ContentMix, that is techniques to automatically mix content from different sources and create something more interesting and valuable. Get the tags related to a posting URL from del.icio.us, look them up in google using Google Web APIs, and get the top results! Create dynamic site navigation using del.icio.us tags at your site! Look up each link in your site to Technorati and get extra "Releted Links"! Clean up a feed from common words and look up what's left at Amazon...

I would like to see some more of this around!

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