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Lotus Notes 6.5.4 on Linux

I'm so happy! I finaly found a way to run Lotus Notes 6.5.4 on Linux!

Originally, I tried VMWare, which worked, but it slowed down my laptop. I actually had to run 2 operating systems simultaneously, I had to set up samba so that the hosted WinXP environment where I ran Notes could se my Linux filesystem and get arround some networking problems due to our complex network at work. It worked for a couple of days, but this was clearly not a solution.

Yesterday, I upgraded to Fedora Core 4, and I decided to give CodeWeavers CrossOver Office a try.

Oh, my God! I just started the Lotus 6.5.4 installation, jusl like I would do from windows. Then I set up my account details, replicated and... loiva!!! Speed is comperable to a native Windows installation.

I guess wine will soon be able to do the same thing, probably it already does with some tweeking. But I do not care for $39.95 that CrossOver Office costs.

Click to enlarge screenshot: LotusNotes on Linux