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How do you sell a website?

Regular visitors of this blog know that I am the developer of g-metrics.com. It is an interesting idea: a script makes use of Google WEB APIs to keep track of the number of results Google returns for a query. The results are stored in a database and are available to visitors. For example, look how "podcasting" turned hot again after Apple's announcement a couple of days ago that iTunes support podcasting. Registered users can add their queries to the system.

The thing is, I have no time to support and make g-metrics.com what it should have been. I have a long list of future enhancements, like the use of tags to organize a user's "watchlist" or the "monthly report by email" that will send a report on how each user's queries changed during the last 1month/3months/6months/1year period (this last one has been ready for a couple of months but I did not have the time for proper testing). I also intended to develop more advanced tools to allow data mining since this is quite an interesting data set, or maybe sell the full data aquired during the 1 year+ of operation to anyone interested in such things for a fee.

BUT, I have no time to do all this. So I consider the option of selling the whole site, together with data (of course I will let registered users know, in case the want to delete their account).

How do you sell a site like this? Do you think ebay is the right place? Is there a better way?

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