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A CV microformat -does it make sense?

I've been thinking a lot since I posted yesterday on Yahoo! HotJobs crawler. Does it make sense to have a CV microformat [1]?

What most recruiting engines do is that they ask you to enter your resume, your personal info. So, they gather information on people looking for a job. The thing is there are so many of them. They are also geographicaly targeted (even if they do not admit it). The other thing is there are a lot of people that may not be looking for a job, but they might be interested if a good offer appeared. An other issue has to do with part-time small-project HR needs with very specific needs. How do you locate the one person you need just for a couple of weeks?

A "CV microformat" would make the whole process so much easier if embraced by search engines. Anyone having a personal web page could present their CV in this human-readable-machine-friendly format. Search engines could easily parse and aggregate this information. Integrating this microformat in and bloging engines like wordpress, Yahoo! and other on-line services could make hundreds of thousands of CVs available to anyone interested!

Even better we could introduce a similar HR-request-microformat. Instead of just posting a job opening in plain text companies could use a microformat that would make the job of engines like HotJob Crawler much more interesting.

Well? What do you think?

[1] more on microformats can be found at