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TVTorrents is down.

From TVTorrents @ EFNet:

Sorry, but TVTorrents is down. No, I will not return. Sorry for any hassles. Thanks for all the memories and good times we had together in #tvtorrents. As of now, the channel will remain open, but stay +m (no talking). Again, sorry for having to leave, but it became necessary. If you can donate to help with the pending settlement, please do so!


What media companies do not understand is that most people do not use BitTorent to steal. They use it because it is such a better medium of distribution. I just prefer to download an episode of one of my favorite tv series instead of going to the video club and rent it -let alone that some of them, Numb3rs for example, are not available in Greece yet, either on TV nor DVD...

I have never downloaded music using BitTorrent, I use iTunes. But I can't use iTunes to download movies in Greece, this is only available in the US and only a limited number of videos are available through it anyway. I would gladly pay $2 per episode instead of trying to download it from a "pirate".

So, please, Big Media Companies, pick up the glove and make it easier for us to pay for your content!

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