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Feedburner improvments

Feedburner released some minor improvments to their service. As announced at Burning Questions - The Official FeedBurner Weblog: Putting Added 'Friendly' in Browser Friendly,

* Favorite Reader Saver: BrowserFriendly will automatically save a subscriber's choice of news reader or web aggregator; this selection will be offered as the default "Subscribe now!" choice any time they view another FeedBurner feed. (Plus, we save a different selection for podcasts versus regular feeds, and you can always alter these settings later if you change your mind.) It's a tiny little time-saver, but they do add up. * A cleaner layout: More of your feed content should be visible without scrolling (especially once Reader Saver is enabled). If your feed includes a logo image, we still display that at the top of the page — presenting your feed's complete content always matters to us! * Improved podcast support: Both new themes display links to podcast media enclosures so that users can preview any audio or video content with just one click.

The browser friendly format looks much better now -nice touch!

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