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Microsoft to pay search engine users?

According to this InfoWorld article,

But they [Google] don't share these advertising revenues with the end users who help them get the revenue, Gates said. "Google keeps all of the money with itself," he added. [...] In its bid to share revenues with users, Microsoft may give free software or even cash to users, said Gates, who did not discuss further details.

Wow! While Google is trying to cut Microsoft's main revenue stream (which in turn funds or could fund MSN) by pushing open source software like firefox, it looks like Microsoft may try to cut Google's revenue stream wich is coming from on-line ads.

Do not take Bill Gates' words for granted. Paying back search engine users is something that may never happen. If they were to do something like this they would have to rely on some kind of strong authentication scheme -or start a fight against all kind of bots and scripts that will generate fake search queries and clicks. To me, Gates' words look more like a threat against Google -stay away from our business and we'll keep out of yours.

But, in any case, you can see that this is war! Which side are you in?