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I'm so excited!

I feel that during the last couple of months the Web is changing fast. It looks like users, developers and enterpreneurs are much more mature on what the Web means and what it is good for.

First, we tried to move all our off-line habits, business and applications to the new, exciting on-line world of the Internet. We gave our shops, our directories, our magazines, our banks a new "web-based" front end. All these services and activities could very well exist off-line and, well, they did.

But now, we are moving on. We create services and business around things that could not even exist without the Web.

We have folksonomies and it's not a geeky thing anymore (Yahoo! investment in Flickr and is a good proof of this [1])

Google maps are not just on-line maps, we stick our photos, our blogs, our ads on them, and create new and exciting applications like Frappr.

Our RSS/ATOM feeds transfer audio and video (ex. podcasts) and not just the "latest headlines" -they are getting "smarter" too (see Feedburner's Feedflare [2] and Feed for Thought).

Our blogs are becoming more than just an electronic equivelent of a diary or newspaper, they are an electronic camvas that displays information from our bookmarks, pingbacks and trackbaks, and they interact with the rest of the Web, creating their own "Cosmos".

Web APIs used to be an experimental feature to "have the developers on our side". Not any more. We are using them to build new business models (see Alexa Web Search).

We are also getting away from the PC client. I'm not referring to the usual "mobile phone as a web client". iPods are connected to the internet nowdays -what's an iPod without a fast internet connection to download music or audio/video podcasts? TiVo is turning into a web-connected device. And Cisco's aquisition of KiSS Technologies through Linksys is a good promise we should be expecting more on internet based/enhanced home entertainment...

Oh, I'm so excited!

[1] One step closer to sexyness :-) [2] What I called content enrichment a year ago...