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Structured Blogging

Here is a nice idea: Structured Blogging. It looks like microformats or something, but with a couple of plugins already available for Typead and Wordpress.

Paul Kedrosky says that Structured Blogging Will Flop, the reason is simple, people are too lazy to put this (little) extra effort needed to produce "structured blogging" content if they have nothing to gain.

is not going to work in the real world of lazy users who see little in it for them

But... wait! Actually, users may have something to make out of it. Niall Kennedy's article, Paying bloggers for generating useful content, may just be the answer:

As more and more companies create business models around "consumer generated media" individual publishers are beginning to wonder when they might see a slice of the revenue. I believe there are opportunities for bloggers to be paid for their content without compromising editorial integrity and also rewarding the tool builders.
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