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MAKE Magazine errata

MAKE Magazine is one of the coolest magazines arround. It's about hackers and makers, people that DO stuff.

Today, I received an email alert from them that is an exelent example on how one can use the Internet to support and add value to a printed magazine:

Dear Panayotis Vryonis, The "How to Build a Power Tap" page in MAKE 05, page 112, contains an error that could cause an unsafe wiring situation. Before attempting this project, please read the corrections posted at PLEASE DO NOT BUILD THE POWER TAP AS SHOWN IN THE ILLUSTRATION. The illustration shows a dual plug receptacle, which, when wired improperly, can cause a short circuit. Do not attach the wires from the extension cord to the screws on the same side of the receptacle, because it will create a short circuit. Once again, before attempting this project, please read the corrections posted at Additionally, we have corrected the illustration on the digital edition, which you have free access to as a subscriber. Thank you for your time, The MAKE Team

Instead of waiting for the next issue to fix this error, they just sent an email to all (I guess) subscribers. Isn't that smart, cool, useful?

BTW, if you do not want to subscribe, but are interested in buying an issue or two, you can do so at amazon.