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Consuming Video Podcasts

I have been following the podcasting phenomenon for more than a year now (actually my greek podcast has been "on-air" since Janyary 2005...) and I am quite facinated with it. Lately, I have been using applications like Democracy and FireAnt to subscribe and watch video podcasts.

These are great apps, but they are not the way to enjoy video content!

What I would like to see is some kind of set-top box for my TV, that will have an integrated podctacher. It will automaticaly download my favorite shows. It will allow me to watch them on TV, and navigate through them using my remote control. It will also allow me to tag videos and those tags will be visible on the web (through del.icio.us?) Other users will be able to subscribe to my tagged videos, and I will be able to subscribe to "the best" or "most popular" or "tagged with a certain tag" videos. I will also be able to press a button and send the video I just watched to my friends. This would be the killer app for my living room!

Why can't KiSS Technology add this kind of features to DP558 and other models? It should be fairly easy, since it runs on Linux, has a built-in hard disk and ethernet connection...

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