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Apple does not want my money!

I live in Greece (an EU country, btw, using Euro as its currency). I decided I would like to use QuickTime PRO, so I headed over at store.apple.com. As I found out, in order to use the on-line applestore you have to use a credit card issued at the same country (for the US store in US, for the UK store in UK, etc.). Since there is no Greek on-line store I was unable to by QuickTime Pro.

Last week I was in London. I visited the AppleStrore in Regent Str. and asked to buy a boxed edition. No luck! There is no boxed edition! "You can only buy QuickTime Pro on-line", I was informed. "But I can't!".

Is using a cracked version of QT Pro my only option? I'm afraid so...

Side-thought: Switching to Apple from Open Source? Think again! (I'm a long-time Linux user)

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