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ο τύπος το έχει χάσει...

ΟΚ. Ξέρετε ότι έχω MacBook Pro και ότι αν εξαιρέσουμε 1-2 προβλήματα, το μηχάνημα είναι μία απόλαυση.
Αλλά ο τύπος το έχει χάσει! Διαβάστε τί γράφει μεταξύ άλλων στην SF Gate:

a brand new lick-ready smooth-as-love Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Super Orgasm Deluxe Ultrahard Modern Computing Device Designed by God Herself Somewhere in the Deep Moist Vulva of Cupertino Yes Yes Don't Stop Oh My God Yes.
This machine, this silky hunk of aluminum and wire and divine Chinese factory-made love, was recently delivered into my hands by a squad of naked cooing angels who all happened to look exactly like Jenna Jameson or perhaps Eva Green and who also gave me a free foot massage and four hits of premium Ecstasy and a complimentary 3-hour tongue bath, all at the same time.

Χε, χε! :-)

Νομίζω ότι μάλλον πρέπει να προσθέσω κατηγορία "geek porn" στα posts μου...

(via TUAW)

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