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ελληνικά podcasts
Podcasts: Νέα ελληνική τεχνολογική πραγματικότητα(;)
Μια συζήτηση για την πολιτική και το blogging: τάσεις παραδείγματα

GigaOM » New Deals, Big Money for BitTorrent?

Task Management
Remember The Milk (via Σπιτάκι)
SlimTimer - Time Tracking without the Timesheet

Yahoo! Group text messageing
Yahoo! Launches Group Texting Site

Jason Calacanis
We're not creating a better iPod--we're just
talking about making a better iPod
1. Open source software.
2. Wifi
3. No DRM
4. Removeable media (i.e. Compact Flash)
5. Preloaded with three shows from the top 200 podcasts
Πολύ ενδιαφέρον!

Yahoo! vs Google (Answers)
Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Yahoo’s Big Win

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