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using urlB.org API from PHP

If you are interested to use the urlB.org API from within PHP, here is a simple wrapper.

First download urlborg.php (and, of course, make sure you have your API key).

Now, creating short URLs and getting info about them is easy. Here is an example:

require_once 'urlborg.php' ;
$ub = new urlBorg('use your API key here') ;
$info = $ub->get_info('lgfy') ;
if ($ub->get_error()) { 
   echo '
ERROR! Code:' . $ub->get_error('n') . ' desc:' . $ub->get_error('s') ; } else { print_r($info) ; } $short = $ub->create_new('http://vrypan.net/') ; if ($ub->get_error()) { echo '
ERROR! Code:' . $ub->get_error('n') . ' desc:' . $ub->get_error('s') ; } else { print_r($short) ; }

(the example is included in the class headers. Don't copy-paste it from this post since Wordpress seems to change the quotes in ways that PHP doesn't like :-)

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