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urlBorg: making your life easier

urlBorg has two new features:

  1. It will keep a record of all the "short URLs" you've created, with stats (number of clicks). This is a nice way to keep track of the URLs you've created but also to see how many clicks each one of them had.

  2. It will keep a record of all urlBorg short URLs you've clicked on. This is an optional feature, you have to enable it explicitly. I often find myself looking for "that link to a funny video someone posted on twitter yesterday". Well if this someone used urlBorg to create short links, now I will find it in my history.

To use both of them, you have to login of course. But I took advantage of AppEngine's Users API which means that if you already have a GMail account you login using it -no registration, etc. (I know I should have used OpenID, but for now it was so much simpler to use Google's authentication -but OpenID is on the ToDo list).

Now, if someone could advice me on what is the right format to export the attention data gathered, so that users are able to reuse them and move them around, please let me know.

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