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Mike Butcher, editor of Techcrunch UK, in Athens, Greece

I just got home from the 13th OpenCoffee Athens meeting. What was special this time was Mike Butcher's presence (editor of Techcrunch UK). It was a great night, with many interesting presentations from greek startups.

Here is what Mike told me, after the presentations were over. The greek startups were quite in sync with what he said that should be considered an advantage for them: social networks, mobile and localization/language.

BTW, Mike, if you end up here, take a look at my project, urlBorg. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to prepare and do a presentation. Oh, and thanks for the time you spent with us and the interesting conversation!

Check out the startups that presented: - Wadja - Photo Frame show - transifex - askmarkets - qualia - product madness - blymee - sojourner - slideflickr

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