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Hackers attack LHC (some more details)

According to the Telegraph, Hackers attacked the LHC.

Since the whole message they left was written in Greek, I feel that I have to explain some of the things written in it:

  1. The attack was not an act against LHC or CERN, but just as they write, "they wanted to take advantage of the publicity the LHC would have, to promote their message".
  2. They write that they did not intend to cause any damage to the underlying system or the website, just to promote their message.
  3. The main "message", is nothing radical or extreme. It is more or less an internal debate of the Greek Hacking Scene.
  4. The message ends "Dear CERN admins, we have fixed a serious BUG your web page had, to prevent you from becoming Dork and being defaced on a daily basis by wannabe hackers."
  5. They also mention that many sites of the Greek Government are vulnerable to hackers and lack any security measures.