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delegating your OpenID to creativecommons.net

I read Joi's post on creativecommons.net OpenID and I much liked the idea. After all, if I have to trust someone for my OpenID authentication, CreativeCommons sounds like one of the most trustworthy providers.

However, since now, I used my own domain, "http://vrypan.net/", as my OpenID. Other OpenID providers give a couple of lines of code that you can embed in any page and delegate the authentication. creativecommons.net doesn't have instructions on how to do it, but after a couple of tries I ended up (I'm no OpenID expert!) with the following HTML headers I embedded in my homepage; it works!

Just change "vrypan" with your creativecommons.net username and it should work. Have a look at the html source in vrypan.net to see how to use it.

BTW, the ability to easily delegate your OpenID and change providers any time you like, is one of the coolest things about it!

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