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pulling FF likes and comments back to your blog. or not?

It's been a subject I debate with myself. Do I want the activity that happens around a post of mine in different places around the web pulled back to my blog? For example comments left on friendfeed, of tweets linking to my post?

YES. Yes. I'm not just writing blog posts, I'm initiating conversations, that's why I have the comments open. The discussion around my posts should be pulled back to my blog!


NO. If people feel more comfortable to discuss my blog posts in other places, I should respect it. They prefer friendfeed or twitter or a forum, for their own reasons. They may even be different groups of people, with different codes of communication -mixing them might not be a good idea. There are even some privacy issues: do I have the right to make public a "protected" discussion on friendfeed, or a private tweet?

Well? What do you think?

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