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A couple of weeks ago, I started using tumblr to host my blog. I’m not thrilled, but it’s OK.

However, tumblr has a major “flaw”, AFAIK and this is that I couldn’t find a reliable tool to back it up. I need to know that when I decide to move to an other hosting platform, I will be able to create a static HTML “snapshot” of my blog, including all media (like photos or videos) I have uploaded.

I’ve been publishing things on the web long enough to know that there will come a time when my fancy db+scripts+conffiles backup will be so much of a pain to restore, that I’ll never take the time to recreate the right environment to see my posts…

That’s the reason my idea of a good blog backup is a bunch of HTML files I can store locally or upload to a webserver, without any dependancies.

So, I started tumblr2html. It will try to create a static HTML version of a tumblr blog, including uploaded media. It’s more of a hack right now, and it’s really ugly (both from a designer’s viewpoint and from a coder’s viewpoint), but it kind of works.

Read more about it and get the code at https://github.com/vrypan/tumblr2html

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