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we need a standard for "baked blogs" sources

As I’m moving on with bucket3 (development is quite active in the last couple of months!) I’ve realized that there is an emerging standard regarding “baked blogs” source format (I refer to the original content files, like markdown text and html that are fed into a parser like jekyll, hyde, bucket3 and the likes).

For example, they all use a yaml frontmatter. But it’s not structured in the same way. For example, how are dates formated? Are tags presented as a yaml list, or as a comma separated string? If an id is defined, what’s the name of the key? (“id”, “post_id”, etc.) Which are the minimum fields that should be present? What are some good suggestions for common but optional fields and values, like “status”, “layout”, etc? Should the content format be specified by the extension, or in the frontmatter? Should a specific file naming convention be followed, or not?

I think it would be very useful if we could came up with a common standard.
- it would make life easier for us developers
- tools developed for one engine would work for the other (I had to write a “” script to convert exitwp’s export that’s designed for jekyll, to something more suitable for bucket3)
- users would be free to move from one engine to the other just by “recompiling” their source content.