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The Growing Business of Monetizing Other People’s Content

And for inspiration they need look no further than the class-leading read-it-later apps like Instapaper and Readability. These apps succeed because they solve a problem for people. There is no doubt that much of their value proposition exists precisely because publishers have such broken user experiences today. Publishers should ask themselves why people need a third party service to get a “reading friendly” experience. And they should think about how they might partner with offline consumption services like Instapaper in a model where everybody, especially the reader, wins.
As a user and a blogger, I think I’d like to see read-it-later apps experiment with revenue sharing models. Greg is right: it looks like they know well how to present our content. Why don’t they take the next step and use their great UI to integrate ads to our content in a way that is well-perceived by readers, provided they share the revenue?