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Dropbox acquires Snapjoy

Dropbox acquires Snapjoy. I haven’t used Snapjoy, but I feel this is big. I’ve been looking for a way to move all my photo management and archiving from iPhoto to dropbox, and this might just be the thing. Dropbox can become really big in this area.

One important thing: please dropbox, make sure you add support for videos too. There are many services I would have turned to, if only they would allow me to manage videos and not just photos!

Related note: If you are looking for an on-line photo management tool, check out openphoto. They have a hosted solution at openphoto.me, but much of the code is open source and can be downloaded from theopnephotoproject.org and installed on your server -something like wordpress for photos. I used openphoto.me to export my photos from Instagram and facebook.


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