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Your 2-year old can use the iPad. So what.

I find it amusing when other parents brag that their kids can use the iPad.


As a parent of a 2-year old, I find it amusing when other parents brag that their kids can use the iPad —or the TV remote control, or any other electronic device.

I mean, come on. This little creature, two years ago was just a puppy with potential. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t control her body, she was unable to communicate.

In just two years, with no expert help (unless you consider yourself an expert in raising up young humans), she was able to stand up, walk, run, climb, kick, learn a language. She understood that she is an individual. She learned a lot about flowers, animals, cars, houses, fairy tales, books, tastes, smells, pain, joy.

It’s probably as if you, in just two years, got from zero to winning an Olympic medal, learned a foreign language and got degrees in philosophy, mathematics and music.

And, of all these amazing achievements, you are impressed because your daughter or son can press a button on the remote control or scroll through the iPad icons. Come on…

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