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I’d like to see something that would make “subscribe” a verb of the Internet, like "go” and “contact”.


2015-10-17 — #en #blogging #howto #medium.com
Why your startup's blog (at least the first one) should be on Medium.


It’s not how they use the enormous power they have. It’s who controls it.
Could Spotlight challenge Google’s dominant position?
2014-04-25 — #en #medium.com #social
They have a social graph even if we didn’t notice.


As a young tech startup planning to offer cloud storage services, we at Longaccess decided to treat our own service the same way we treat any service we use to store our data: with extreme suspicion.
2013-09-05 — #en #longaccess #medium.com
Embracing limitations by design.
2013-08-30 — #en #privacy #medium.com
Privacy is not dead, it may very well be the next big thing.
2013-08-28 — #en #howto #medium.com
It's not as complicated as you think.
2013-07-11 — #en #social #medium.com
Even though the connections of each individual user are his social network, these sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) are not social networks. They are social networking places.
I find it amusing when other parents brag that their kids can use the iPad.
A worried tech entrepreneur’s thoughts after PRISM-related news.
My daughter turned two a couple of weeks ago. Being a parent is an amazing experience, the kind of experience that makes one think of the world and oneself in a different way.