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2017-12-28 — #en #podcasting #ideas
Why isn't there a service where I can show the podcasts I'm subscribed too and the episodes I liked most?


2016-12-15 — #en #ideas
Let’s use technology to limit -or even eliminate- distracted driving.
I’d like to see something that would make “subscribe” a verb of the Internet, like "go” and “contact”.


2015-03-12 — #en #ideas #social
Aggregating heartbeats can be an interesting social gesture. And subscribing to the aggregate heartbeat of a group can be an interesting new way of connecting with it.


2014-09-16 — #en #ideas #apple
My theory behind the heart rate sensor built in Apple Watch
2014-05-10 — #en #ideas
What if we didn't care to make old blog posts easy to navigate to?
2014-05-07 — #en #ideas
Blogs are read in reverse chronological order, but their archive should be numbered like a diary, in chronological order. Your /page/1 should show the oldest posts, not the newer ones.
2014-03-17 — #en #ideas #longaccess
It's probably the most valuable thing we will carry with us for the years to come -and something we would definately want to pass on to her when she's old enough to understand.
2014-01-21 — #en #ideas #longaccess
What if kindergarten had a long term archive of kids drawings? A public one. Imagine the things you could study if you had access to kids drawings over the years...


2013-08-19 — #en #search-engines #ideas #dqs
Would it be possible to replace centralized search engines like Google, by creating a "smart" p2p search network? I think so, and in some cases, it shouldn't be so hard to.


2012-01-26 — #ideas #en