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Where is social for podcasts?

Why isn't there a service where I can show the podcasts I'm subscribed too and the episodes I liked most?

I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2004 — Scripting News, the Daily Source Code, IT conversations and the like — I even had my own podcast for a couple of years. But it’s only now, 13 years later, that I see non-geek friends asking “Do you have any podcast suggestions” on Facebook.

Which brings the question: Where is social for podcasts?

Where is the place I can show list my subscriptions? How can my friends subscribe to the podcasts I listen to? Where can I see the podcasts most of my friends are subscribed to? How do I create a feed of the episodes I found interesting? Where can I comment about a specific episode and share this comment with like-minded people?

For me, the ideal social service for podcasts would be something between the app of and Google Reader (yes, I know it’s dead). I would like to have a public feed of my stared episodes that anyone can subscribe to, I would like to be able to comment on that feed, and my friends should be able to comment too, and I would like to be able to see what people I follow in twitter (I think this is an application for the interest graph, not the social graph) share on their public feed. And, of course, I would like to have a web-based (not app-based) profile where these things are visible to anyone, so that next time someone asks me for podcast recommendations I can point them to it.

Is anyone doing this? If not, why?