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A kill switch to countermeasure border controls? Creating a kill switch that will wipe sensitive data from my computer if asked to unlock it.
2017-02-22 — #en #howto #privacy


Not just what you know, but who you are too. Privacy and identity are hard to separate.
2016-03-19 — #en #privacy #encryption


My little daughter’s first secret. Secrets are part of human nature.
2014-10-02 — #en #diary #privacy


When it comes to privacy, proof is better than promise -and it helps us sleep better at night. As a young tech startup planning to offer cloud storage services, we at Longaccess decided to treat our own service the same way we treat any service we use to store our data: with extreme suspicion.
Privacy is not dead Privacy is not dead, it may very well be the next big thing.
2013-08-30 — #en #privacy
Privacy, Marketing and the NSA The dominant business model for online consumer services leaves little room for privacy.
2013-06-25 — #en #privacy #marketing