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"fragmentions" is a cool idea.

A cool idea that allows us to link directly to any text fragmet inside web pages.

This is one of the coolest ideas I've seen for some time. It's called "fragmentions" and I read about it in a post by Kevin Marks.

In short, and skipping all the technical details, "fragmentions" are URLs that link not just to a web page, but to a specific text inside the page.

Fore example, try this link:

If everything goes as expected, the target page will scroll to the text linked ("we have no way of reading your data") and the whole paragraph will be highlited. Nice, isn't it?

The implementation is trivial if you have a basic experience with HTML.

  1. Go to github.com/chapmanu/fragmentions
  2. Download fragmention.js and upload it to your server.
  3. Load the fragmention.js in your pages, as shown in example.html of the above GitHub repo.
  4. Add the proper style that will be used for the markup (you can copy that from example.html, too).

I just updated my blog templates and every page in this blog supports fragmentions now.

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