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So I setup this thing, to analyse my Dropbox

Partly because I wanted a playground to try the Dropbox API, do some App Engine development, and try other new things, partly because I miss the tools to manage my Dropbox more efficiently, in the last few days I set up tlbx.io (pronounced “toolbox”).

What do you think?

Some notes:

  1. I wanted to use SSL, but setting up SSL on AppEngine and a custom domain is a bit complicated, and I didn’t see the value of spending time to do it for a small side-project, so you will be redirected to https://tlbxio.appengine.com —it’s OK.
  2. Every time I get my hands on AppEngine, I remember the feeling of writing assembly for my Amstrad 6128. Things are harder to do, but you feel in touch with what’s happening under the hood. This is probably the closest you can get to this when it comes to web development.
  3. tlbx.io worked fine for me and a couple friends that tested it, and it’s designed to scale, but I’m sure there are rough edges, and I have no idea how it will work with a user base larger than five. This thing is analysing your Dropbox and I’ve seen users (including myself) with hundreds of thousands of files, this becomes a scalability problem just for a handful of users.
  4. Please keep in mind, this is a fun, side-project. I'll try to keep it working, but don't expect me to respond to support requests, etc.
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