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A major tlbx.io update

Automatically organise your Camera Uploads, get notified about changes in your Dropbox via email or Slack, and many bug fixes.

I just released a major update to tlbx.io.

I've fixed a number of small bugs, but I also added a couple of new features I'm very fond of.

the new tlbx.io

The first one is the "Camera Uploads automation". If you enable this, tlbx.io will automatically organise your photos and videos uploaded to /Camera Uploads/ in folders and subfolders named after the year and month of your media files. In short, /Camera Uploads/2013-12-15 10.24.25.jpg will be moved to /Camera Uploads/2013/12/2013-12-15 10.24.25.jpg (note the /2013/12/ part in the destination file).

You just enable this, and it will automatically work. BTW, it does not affect the way your photos and videos are presented by Dropbox photos or Carousel.

At last! My Camera Uploads folder is organised!

The second one, if a daily report of what happened in your Dropbox: files added, modified or deleted. It is delivered once a day via email or Slack, or both.

Slack notifications

This project is becoming more and more fun!

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