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How I keep my twitter feed healthy

If you sometimes check your twitter feed and think there's nothing interesting going on, you are probably doing something wrong: Somewhere, something interesting IS going on for sure, you are just not following the right people.

Over the years, I've developed a number of steps to keep my twitter feed healthy (i.e. interesting).

  1. Every time I see a tweet that's not interesting or relevant, I will click on the twitterer's profile and check the last updates. If I don't see an interesting one, I'll unfollow. Obviously, there was a reason why I followed this person in the first place, but not any more —nothing personal.
  2. Whenever someone interacts with one of my tweets (star, RT, reply) or follows me, I'll check their profile. If they find my tweets interesting, there's a good chance I'll find theirs too. That's not always the case, but it's worth checking.
  3. Whenever I read an interesting blog post or article, I'll check the author's twitter feed and I'll usually follow them.
  4. Whenever a person I follow retweets, or replies to someone I don't follow, I'll check if this is someone I should follow.