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(Re: Audible) DRM is a defect

Follow up to a reply I got for recommending Audible in my last Letter.

When I mentioned Audible in The Letter:

-- I started "reading" The Martian, by Andy Weir, during one of my latest trips, it must have been Katmandu. To be more precise, I listened to it, as an audiobook from Audible. And I LOVED it. Amazing book and great performance by R. C. Bray who reads it for Audible. Last night we watched the movie with Elina. It's a good one. But nothing compared to the book.

-- You should definitely try Audible, if you haven't done so. Sign up and get two audiobooks for free. Obviously, I suggest one of them is The Martian.

Angelos replied:

I've tried Audible, but I rejected it when I realised it's full of DRM and that you can not listen to your audiobooks in any audioplayer you want.

He's right: DRM is a defect.

But I want to listen to my audiobooks, and unless there is a better alternative, I'll have to use the defective, DRM-restricted, ones from Audible :-(

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