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A big Fuck Off by the content industry and Netflix to users worldwide.

How Netflix and the content industry is blocking users who are paying 60% more than the rest to access content legitimately.

Suppose you offer a service for $96/year. But some users, in order to bypass a bug in your service, are actually paying $150/year (or more). What do you do? 

A. Fix the bug and raise the price: After all, it seems that at least some of your users are willing to pay 60% more to use it!

B. Do nothing: It’s a bug that affects a user segment you are not really interested in, so OK, if they want to pay more to use your service, it’s their problem.

C. Tell these users to fuck off: You add extra bugs on purpose, designed to prevent these users that are willing to pay 60% more to use your service from doing so.

Does the last option sounds crazy? This is exactly what the content industry and Netflix decided to go for: Netflix decided to invest in time, money and technology in order to prevent users worldwide from accessing Netflix!


These are the users who were paying a US Netflix subscription and a VPN service that allowed them to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions: In other words, the users who were willing to pay 60% more to access the service.

(Please, don’t mention that Netflix recently launched in 130 new countries. Judging from the content available in the Greek version, this is a joke: Even some of their own productions  — like House of Cards! —  are not available through it.)

Dear, studios, Netflix and company, OK, we heard this “fuck off” loud and clear.

Just don’t tell us next time that sales and profits are dropping because of on-line “piracy”, right?