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How to bypass the Netflix VPN ban

So, after all, it seems like the recent Netflix VPN ban can be bypassed —at least for now.

After many tests and tries, I found out that I can use my local (Greek in my case) Netflix account, through a VPN tunnel to the US, to access the content available in Netflix in the US!

  1. Create a local Netflix account in your country (Netflix is now present in more than 130 countries, so this should not be a problem for most users).
  2. Fire up your VPN tunnel and get a US IP address.
  3. Login to netflix.com using your local account.
  4. E, voila! You can access the content that is available in the US.

The above worked fine with my Greek Netflix account. If it works for other countries (I don't see why not), leave a comment at the HN thread.

It seems that what Netflix is currently testing for is US accounts that try to access US content over a VPN tunnel. I don't know if this is just something they missed (and will be banned soon), or some kind of underlying business or technical limitation.

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