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Clear 20°C — Guarulhos, Brazil — #travel #en

Sao Paulo

Business trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This last week I spent it in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

It is winter right now in Brazil, you know that right? Well, to be precise, it's winter in Sao Paulo, because the North is close to the equator and has tropical climate (see Climate of Brazil).

Since I rarely have time to actually wander around during these trips, my view of these places is always limited: I see 1-2 areas or routes that may or may not be typical for the whole city. But in any case, this is what I saw in Sao Paulo. A real metropolis, with huge buildings, wide roads and small 1 or two storey buildings between them.

Yes, of course, I visited the Havaianas main store.

And as usual, I tried a couple of the local beers. I liked them, especially Madalena.

Oh, and did I mention I liked the people a lot? They were great: friendly, helpful, nice to be in their company. (If only more of them spoke english...)

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