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weekend project: trtl.nodes.pub

I spent the weekend on a new pet-project: trtl.nodes.pub, a service that lists know public TurtleCoin nodes. nodes.pub will periodically poll these nodes and keep track of their status, the block height they are at, the fees they are charging, etc.

I expect this to be a useful resource for "light" wallet (for example, TurtleCoin Nest) users but also for anyone who wants to run a public node for fun and profit and would like to know what the landscape looks like.


The service also exposes an API, that could be useful to light wallet devs: they could call the API to get a list of nodes that seem to be reliable and don't have the higher fees, making it easier for their users to pick one.

I should do more of these weekend side-projects, it feels so good to create something and learn new things in the process and then sharing it with the world :-)

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