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Weekend project: Unifi UDM + RaspberryPi + UnicornHAT HD

Monitor Unifi Dream Machine traffic with a Raspberry Pi and UnicornHAT HD.

I spend the last weekend creating this little thing: It's a Raspberry Pi with a UnicornHAT HD that shows the incoming (blue) and outgoing (green) traffic of my Unifi Dream Machine.

It's really convenient to have a visual of how my ISP traffic is doing at every moment, without having to open an app of visit some web interface :-)

I used: - a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ just because I had it available, I could have used a Pi Zero W just as well. - the UnicornHAT HD is a beautiful 16x16 RGB LED matrix. - the Unofficial UniFi API - some custom Python scripting to poll the API and display the bars. (It's nothing special but if you're really interested, ping me on twitter.)