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Clear 30.52°C Kifisia, Greece — #en #twitter #covid19

How Greece is using machine-learning to flag visistors for COVID-19 testing.

@jonromero just posted this on twitter. I find it very interesting and I'm looking forward to see the efficiency of this system.

This is a huge day for Machine Learning and algorithmic support for governance and I am proud to be part of this. // @jonromero

Four scientists (me, Hamsa Bastani, Kimon Drakopoulos and Vishal Gupta) and two US universities (University of Pennsylvania and University of Southern California) along with and the Greek Government, joined forces in a massive, once-in-a-lifetime project: // @jonromero

to build a machine-learning system, nicknamed “Eva,” to help keep people safe from Covid-19 and open new roads for data science. // @jonromero

Eva is a Machine Learning platform that targets high-risk visitors to be tested for COVID-19, accounting for Greece’s current testing resources. // @jonromero

Visitors fill-out an online form 24 hours before arrival, after which Eva analyzes their risk profile and generates a QR code that visitors display at the point of arrival. Based on that QR code, visitors will either be tested for COVID-19 or continue on their visit. // @jonromero

Eva’s real-time analytics supports rapid decision-making in the constantly evolving pandemic, flagging potential hot spots as they emerge. // @jonromero

Tourists and visitors are vital to the economy. Eva unlocks the full potential of data to support the Greek Government as it strives to reignite the economy while keeping its visitors and citizens safe. #covid #machinelearning #Eva4Eva #SaveTheSummer // @jonromero

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