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I like this twitter-to-blogpost format more and more

Converting tweets to blog posts started as an experiment, but I'll probably stick to it.

A couple of days ago, I started experimenting with a script to convert twitter threads to blog posts: blog.vrypan.net/2020/07/17/gen.... It turns out that I really like this way to blog. // @vrypan

I never regret removing the comments from my blog, but I always tried to find an alternative for people to share feedback. It seems to me that the twitter-to-blogpost form is a balanced workaround. // @vrypan

I was even motivated to iron out the changes I had done to my blog engine, bucket3, and commit a new release after... 7 years. github.com/vrypan/bucket3/rele.... My twitter-to-bucket3 script is still in a private repo but once I fix a few issues, I'll make it public. // @vrypan

I know bucket3 is not friendly to the newcomer. Since I'm the only one using it, onboarding is rough. I should probably work on the default templates and theme at some point. Oh, well, it works for me and that's good enough. // @vrypan

On a side note. Twitter is great, but it's no substitute to RSS. Get a nice RSS reader (there are so many out there) and subscribe to the feeds you like. It's a much healthier Internet diet than eating whatever "the algorithm" serves you on Twitter or Facebook. // @vrypan

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