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Leaving ChannelVAS

After 5.5 years, yesterday was my last day at ChannelVAS.

I joined ChannelVAS when it was more like a startup. We were setting up our first projects, the team was small, we had to do a bit of everything.

I got to work in a truly multicultural company, with people from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East. I got to travel to places I'd never been before: Ghana, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, Kambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tunisia, Algeria, UAE (I'm probably forgetting some), and worked with even more, like Benin and Uganda. I made some good friends, and I worked with great people from around the world.

When I joined, the telco tech stack was a black box to me. 5.5 years later, after working with something like 20 mobile operators and their vendors and the peculiarities of each country and region, you could call me an expert on some parts of this stack, especially the IN and billing systems and various CDRs. But I also got to understand how the various product offerings work in all these operators and countries -and the similarities and differences.

So, I learned a lot, I traveled to places I'd never been before, I met and worked with great people and made some good friends.

But ChannelVAS has grown up, the team is 10x bigger, processes have been put in place, things have become more structured and well defined. And even if this sounds good for most people, it's no longer the startup mess where I can give my best.

Cheers to all the people I worked with in these 5.5 years! We'll be in touch.

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For job openings, checkout https://apply.workable.com/channelvas/.

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